Laguna Road Elementary School

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300 Laguna Road,   Fullerton, CA 92835
Phone: (714) 447-7725 Fax: (714) 447-7432

School Safety

Laguna Road School
“In Safe Hands”

All schools need to provide a safe, secure and welcoming environment for all students and those professionals and volunteers who serve them.
Safety Policies

Fullerton School District

Community Relations

Policy No: 1250

To ensure the safety of students and staff and to avoid potential disruptions, all visitors shall register in the school office immediately upon entering the school building or grounds when school is in session. All visitors shall comply with any and all reasonable restrictions established by the principal or designee to ensure the safety of the students and staff and to minimize disruption of the instructional program.

For the purposes of school safety and security, the principal or designee may design a visible means of identification for visitors while on the school premises.

Codified Ordinances
Ord. No. 06-008, enacted Aug.15, 2006
(Supplement No. 103)

Article 2. Keeping and Restraint of Dogs and Cats

Sec. 4-1-46. Public school property; county parks and public beaches

No person having the charge of any dog, except a blind, deaf or disabled person with his guide dog, signal dog or service dog, shall permit said dog to be under any circumstances within public school property, the County Park known as Upper Newport Bay, or any public beach. This section does not prohibit the use of dogs on school property for teaching or other school uses when approved by the school officials.

About the Committee
Keeping a school safe requires a coordinated effort among all key players. Through practical activities, we can all play an active and supportive role in improving school safety. The “In Safe Hands” Committee, consisting of parents, teachers and students, regularly meets to prioritize safety concerns and select goals. Safety must be cultivated-it requires an ongoing process within the school’s culture.


Questions / Suggestions may be directed to Suzy Jurgensen at
Laguna Road School, 447-7725,

Student Work
The following article, written by a 5th grade student, points out a very real safety concern in our Laguna Road parking lot.


Imagine this, you’re walking across Laguna Road parking lot with your kid and a car is coming and the driver is on the cell phone. You may wonder what to do. Does the driver notice me? Are they going to stop? What should I do?

I think kids are in danger of getting hit in our school parking lot. Too many people are driving way too fast in the parking lot and too many people are not paying attention to where they are going. I think this is because there are a lot of people talking on cell phones.

I believe drivers shouldn’t talk on cell phones in the parking lot. If drivers don’t talk on cell phones they can pay attention to where they are going and have a lower risk of hitting someone. Everyone will be safer because everyone will be paying attention to where they are going.